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Guided tour at the Institut des Métiers et de l’Artisanat du Pays de Meaux (IMA).

In her capacity of Associate Professor of the University Gustave Eiffel, Fabienne van der Vleugel may assist students to structure their projects.

Some students have defined a very specific project called “A step towards business” integrating the visit of the Institute called, in French Institut des Métiers et de l’Artisanat du Pays de Meaux (IMA).

The visit was organized and M. Carré, Director, who explained very clearly the functioning of the IMA, its place in the territory, its evolution since its creation, its objectives, and the multiple professional training courses that are defined.

Various trainings are possible : food, electricity, vehicle, beauty/aesthetic, commerce.
Students were impressed by the quality of the machines and materials and the high-level of the professional dynamic.


High quality professional trainings are very important for our territory and for enterprises, and may guarantee high-standard development, entrepreneurial dynamics, security of sales and transfers, wish of young entrepreneurs to perfect their activities.

Without doubt, the young people trained at IMA are seriously trained for their future. The competence they acquire will help them building their professional knowledge.

27th world FORUM of mediation centers, JURISTE INTERNATIONAL, 2020.2, pages 14-16, UIA, Lexis Nexis.

Every 9 months, the world FORUM of mediation centers is organized. Each time, it is the opportunity to ameliorate practice and knowledge.

The 27th FORUM organized in MILAN, ITALY, was a real success. The presence of Marina Tavassi, president of the court of appeal of MILAN, confirms the interest and the importance of the ADR methods for and during the judicial procedures.

Fabienne van der Vleugel summarized this FORUM which she has been very happy to organize in Milan, with the help of the local committee, in an article published in JURISTE INTERNATIONAL

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Life insurance explained in 10 direct and specific items : book written by Grégory AUDAS.

In his book, Grégory AUDAS explains very clearly, in ten specific items, the good reasons conducting a person to decide to have a life insurance : funds are not definitively blocked, advantages in comparison of a PEL, investments adapted to various generations, adapted to specific agenda, possible investment for any generation, objectives to be defined, various contracts to be thought of, specificities to be thought of, necessity to study inheritance tax, 10 reasons to have 1 life insurance.

This interesting book is pleasant to read, easy to understand, and gives a very clear first understanding of the matter.

Grégory AUDAS ( and Fabienne van der Vleugel are both members of the BNI – BUSINESS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL – located in BAILLY-ROMAINVILLIERS.

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Development of mediation in the administrative tribunal of MELUN.

Development of mediation within the administrative courts has been pointed out by the PRESIDENT of the ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL of MELUN, Ms Sylvie Favier. An interesting and detailed article has been published in Le Moniteur de S&M.

This development had been already described by Ms Sylvie FAVIER, during the 25th UIA world Forum of mediation centers organized by Fbienne van der Vleugel, in her capacity of president of the UIA world Forum of mediation centers, in June 2018, on the territory of Val d'Europe (see events VDV, June 2018 and the article published in the Moniteur S&M, 24-30 June 2018, pp. 4 - 8).


Mediation remains an alternative dispute resolution method that is adapted to multiple conlicts. It requires a voluntary engagement from the parties who are willing to negotiate to fix a suitable and adapted solution, with the help of their lawyers.

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WHO'S WHO LEGAL MEDIATION 2019 : nomination.

In the last edition of WHO'S WHO LEGAL MEDIATION 2019 (page 39), Fabienne van der Vleugel (VDV AVOCATS) has been nominated, with 8 other mediators, in the list of mediators for FRANCE.

In page 6, WHO'S WHO LEGAL MEDIATION 2019 indicates : "[---] Fabienne van der Vleugel of VDV AVOCATS is "just excellent" and has "made a name for herslef very quickly". She has extensive knowledge of issues relating to financial services "[---]".