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20th International Prize Jacques Cresson offered by the Committee 77 of the French Foreign Trade Advisors.

It is a real honor and privilege for the Committee 77 of the French Foreign Trade Advisors, as well as for the Committees 91 and 94 to congratulate the students of various schools who have participated to the exam testing their knowledge on international trade.

The students have received, from the Ministry Edith Cresson, the diploma and the prize during the 20th special ceremony which you may visualize by clicking the link below.

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WHO'S WHO LEGAL MEDIATION 2021 : Top 4 “Other leading individuals” in France.

In the last edition of WHO'S WHO LEGAL MEDIATION 2021 (page 5), Fabienne van der Vleugel (VDV AVOCATS) has been nominated, with 3 other mediators, in the list of mediators for FRANCE “Other leading individuals”, as well as 11 other leading mediators practicing in other countries : England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, Switzerland.

The law firm VDV AVOCATS, in SERRIS, VAL D’EUROPE, has been especially designed and structured in order to welcome the mediated parties and their lawyers in an adapted environment, and help them to negotiate in good conditions.

WHO'S WHO LEGAL France 2021 : nomination Top 4 “most highly regarded”.

WHO'S WHO LEGAL France 2021 (page 60) has published a chapter dedicated to MEDIATION, in its new edition, highlighting “18 outstanding mediators who are recognized for their work handling a variety of complex commercial disputes”.

Fabienne van der Vleugel has been nominated in the top-4 “most highly regarded”.

The review indicates further that “Fabienne van der Vleugel with VDV AVOCATS earns a plethora of recommendations for her first-rate work mediating complex contract and debt recovery disputes”.

"Word to mediators" - Mediation in administrative tribunal in Melun

The new website of the administrative tribunal of Melun has been adapted and includes a new brochure explaining the characteristics of mediation in administrative procedures.

This brochure is very well done.

It contributes to the development of mediation in administrative procedures. Already in June 2018, during the 25th UIA world Forum of mediation centers, the president of the administrative tribunal of Melun, Sylvie Favier, explained how mediation would develop in the administrative tribunal and the specificities of mediation n this field of law.

Some pages of the published brochure contain testimonies of three mediators, amongst others the testimony of Fabienne van der Vleugel, which can be read as follows (in French) :

"La médiation, c’est l’opportunité pour les personnes qui vivent un conflit d’oser se rencontrer, dans un contexte confidentiel protégé par le médiateur, aux fins de fixer elles-mêmes une solution au litige qui les oppose. C’est l’occasion, pour chacune d’elles, de faire preuve d’imagination et de négocier une issue adaptée, pragmatique, globale et définitive, parce que chacune des parties médiées a la volonté ferme d’aboutir. Le juge ne tranchera pas, en droit, le dossier, mais constatera l’accord dont les termes resteront confidentiels, sauf si les parties conviennent de répercuter leurs engagements dans un protocole d’accord transactionnel homologué. Il n’y aura donc pas de possibilité d’appel, ni aucune difficulté liée à des mesures d’exécution forcée, puisque les parties médiées exécuteront spontanément l’accord qu’elles auront convenu. Il y aura, par contre, la satisfaction partagée d’avoir pu mettre un terme au différend de façon rationnelle, et de tourner la page en ayant purgé les véritables problèmes sous-jacents."

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WHO'S WHO Thought Leaders - France 2021.

Fabienne van der Vleugel has been nominated as being one of the "Thought Leaders in France 2021" in the field of MEDIATION (page 27) with 3 other colleagues mediators.

As per the criteria imposed by this guide, entry to this level requires "the highest number of nominations from peers, corporate counseil and other marked sources" in most recent research.