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Continuing training for lawyers : "How may we begin a mediation ?"

In the framework of continuing education for lawyers, Fabienne van der Vleugel has organized a specific session dedicated to mediation and named “How may we begin a mediation? “.

This session was very pragmatic : the purpose was to explain, very straightforwardly, how lawyers may be prepared to mediation, how they explain this process to their clients, how they may accompany them in the negotiating process and how they may finalize correctly the mediation.

Various questions have been analyzed in details :

- How may the lawyer concretely organize to initiate the mediation?
- What are the differences between ad-hoc mediation and judicial mediation?
- What the advantages and disadvantages of mediation? How may the lawyer explain the characteristics to clients – future mediated parties?
- How may we give the idea of mediation when handling a litigation procedure?
- Which is the status of mediation today in the judicial environment, before the judicial tribunal? the commercial court? The administrative tribunal? Are there differences between those jurisdictions insofar as mediation is concerned?