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Mediation and conflict management.

The 23rd World FORUM of Mediation Centers, organized in POLAND, KRAKOW, has been a real success.
More than 50 participants, with speakers coming from Australia, USA, Asia, and Europe. Summary and articles may be read on the website of UIA.

Notably, we may read with interest the article that emerged from the session “ADAPT YOUR WAY” (cf. llink below).

Fabienne van der Vleugel, president of the FORUM, has announced that the next FORUM will be organized in SINGAPORE, from 12nd to 14th October 2017.

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3rd edition of the meeting in Paris about arbitration,

The 3rd edition of the meeting in Paris about arbitration, the so-called, in French « Les rencontres de l’arbitrage et du contentieux » have been extremely well organized.

The summary published in Option Finance, edition N°1402 of Monday 20 February 2017 summarizes the various sessions (cf. infra, link).


Such meeting gives the opportunity to have an updated view of the development of arbitration in Paris.

Since its incorporation, VDV AVOCATS has also developed arbitration for helping clients with solving (inter)national conflicts.

Conflicts may always arise. Efficient treatment requires adapted solutions. Adapted solutions derive from implementation of structured and well negotiated clauses. Those clauses must be timely negotiated, in details, during the negotiation of the contract. Indeed, this clause is part of the negotiating process itself. Still too often the parties put aside the clause related to the management of conflicts and do not pay sufficient attention to its correct drafting. Sometimes, parties do not even think that this clause is negotiable.

And yet, conflicts exist implicitly in each contract. So, this clause should be negotiated in details.

Some shareholders even sign by-laws with arbitration clauses without being informed of itscharacteristics, and without having studied the other various existing alternatives.

Let’s not forget that what is not negotiated, may not be manageable afterwards. Let’s only sign what is negotiated, agreed upon and understood.

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BNI COULOMMIERS - "Coul'Business".

The development of one’s company requires that third parties be correctly informed about your professional activity.

This knowledge is not only ensured passively by the setting-up of a website or the printing of a catalogue. It also requires a personal dynamic, notably the organization of one’s agenda to book some specific and regular dates especially dedicated to the development of one’s business and turnover.

The BNI (Business Network International) is a key.

More specifically, the BNI of COULOMMIERS called « COUL’BUSINESS » founded beginning 2016, meets every Friday morning, from 7:30 to 9:00 am at the restaurant of the Golf of Crécy la Chapelle.

Each week, more than 30 managers speak about business, in a structured, direct, loyal, professional and smart way.

Do not hesitate to join BNI of COULOMMIERS, to contact one of its members, to be invited at one of its meeting, and to join the group or another BNI close to your company’s registered office or domicile.

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23rd World UIA Forum of mediation centers in POLAND, KRAKOW.

The 23rd UIA World Forum Mediation Centers, organized in POLAND, in KRAKOW, has been a success.

About 50 participants, mediators, lawyers, businessmen/women, teachers, coming from more than 15 countries in various continents (US, Africa, China, Australia) have worked during 2 days on mediation, their practice, intercultural mediation, consumer mediation, development of Med-Arb, the practice of caucus, mediation with interpreters, mediation with vulnerable parties, mediation in hospital, practice of mediation in international association.

As president of the Forum, Fabienne van der Vleugel may say that this UIA event is a unique opportunity to develop your network, ameliorate your professional practice and make more dynamic the mediation you organize.

Next FORUM will take place in OCTOBER 2017 in SINGAPORE!

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Gala of the CEVE (in French, Club des Entrepreneurs du Val d'Europe).

The dinner organized by the CEVE (in French, Club des Entrepreneurs du Val d’Europe), preceded by an extraordinary members’ meeting took place in MAGNY LE HONGRE, at the EXPLORER’s Hotel.

More than 100 members participated to the event.

Until late at the evening, members could evoke last year, speak about their respective professional activities to develop this new year 2017. This event participates to the unique and specific dynamic of the territory Val d’Europe and will remain unforgettable.

Thanks to the organizers and to the president, Gaëlle Marceau.