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20th International Prize Jacques Cresson offered by the Committee 77 of the French Foreign Trade Advisors.

It is a real honor and privilege for the Committee 77 of the French Foreign Trade Advisors, as well as for the Committees 91 and 94 to congratulate the students of various schools who have participated to the exam testing their knowledge on international trade.

The students have received, from the Ministry Edith Cresson, the diploma and the prize during the 20th special ceremony which you may visualize by clicking the link below.

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WHO'S WHO LEGAL MEDIATION 2021 : Top 4 “Other leading individuals” in France.

In the last edition of WHO'S WHO LEGAL MEDIATION 2021 (page 5), Fabienne van der Vleugel (VDV AVOCATS) has been nominated, with 3 other mediators, in the list of mediators for FRANCE “Other leading individuals”, as well as 11 other leading mediators practicing in other countries : England, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Scotland, Switzerland.

The law firm VDV AVOCATS, in SERRIS, VAL D’EUROPE, has been especially designed and structured in order to welcome the mediated parties and their lawyers in an adapted environment, and help them to negotiate in good conditions.

Organizer of the virtual 30th UIA world forum of mediation centers in MALAGA (Spain) – 16th and 17th September 2022.

Fabienne van der VLEUGEL, president of the UIA world Forum of mediation centers, will organize the 30th edition of the FORUM, during 2 days : September 16 and 17, 2022, in MALAGA (Spain), if the sanitary crisis authorizes that the event be organized in presence.

The scientific program will be interesting, with multiple subject matters to be discussed by and with professionals willing to develop their practice, knowledge and network.

The attached agenda points out the variety of seminars, conferences and work sessions organized by UIA in the advantage of their members and future members.

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INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION SUMMIT 2021 - China - Jiangdong New District.

This year, 29-30 September 2021, the INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION SUMMIT 2021 is organized in China - Jiangdong New District : “Comparison of international commercial dispute resolution mechanisms at this stage”.

Fabienne van der Vleugel, vice-presidente of the 77 committee of the French foreign trade advisor and professor at the University Gustave Eiffel, has been invited to participate on-line, to this session, in order to develop an interesting theme : “Is mediation really a voluntary process”?

May we still talk about a “voluntary process” when mediated parties are invited by a judge to mediate (judicial mediation), are obliged to mediate by contract (ad-hoc mediation) or are legally bound to mediate before initiating a judicial procedure (in France, currently, for conflict that are limited to a certain amount).

Those questions are interesting to be analyzed and compared with practices existing in other countries, in order to understand how mediation is developing and how it may adequate to formalize it – or not – and to impose it – or not.

Moderator and speaker - INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION CONFERENCE - India - session on line « Covid-19 Pandemic and Online Mediation ».

Fabienne van der Vleugel was kindly invited to participate at the « INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION CONFERENCE » to moderate and being a speaker in the session « Covid-19 Pandemic and Online Mediation ».

Together with 3 other colleague mediators, Mr Pasquale (Lino) Orrico (Italy), Mr Thiruvengadam B C (India - BIMACC) et M. Gérard Kuyper (Belgium – bMediation), this subject matter has been discussed in details, on line.

The INTERNATIONAL MEDIATION CONFERENCE has gathered a very large audience.

Speakers and participants coming from all over the world were connected, on line, to study and discuss together about development of mediation.

BIMACC – Bangalore International Mediation Arbitration and Conciliation Centre – is India’s largest Institutional Not–for-Profit Global ADR Centre.

BIMACC regularly participates to the UIA world FORUM mediation centers.

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