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Publication (France) : an article for explaining some characteristics of the Reserved Capital Increase.

Fabienne van der Vleugel, lawyer and manager at Landwell & Associés, Financial Services Department, has handled several employee savings plans for quoted companies.

Very often, those plan covered multiple countries. Based upon this experience, she co-authored an article about a specific legal aspect of those plans, together with Virginie Louvel, Tax Partner.

Publication :
"Augmentation de capital réservée", Option Finance, Entreprise et Expertise, N°750, 15 Septembre 2003, N°750.

Publication (Belgium) : The Belgian New Company Code.

Just before laving Belgium for France, Fabienne van der Vleugel has published a 100-page analyze of the newly published Belgian Company Code.

At that time, in France, a new law was also published: the LME (loi modernization of economy – loi sur la modernisation de l’économie).

This study makes a very detailed description of the new Belgian Companay Code and makes a comparison with the previous one, article by article.

This article is published on VDV AVOCATS’ web site with the express authorization of KLUWER (Belgium).

Publication : "Le Nouveau Code des Société", Comptabilité et Fiscalité Pratique, June 2001, pp. 259-326 and Le Droit des Affaires-DAOR, September 2001, N°59.