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This 4th February, it was OPEN DAY at the UNIVERSITE GUSTAVE EIFFEL.

It was the opportunity for students to be explained the characteristics of the new diploma called “Bachelors Universitaires de Technologie” (« BUT » - previously known as being « DUT »).

Fabienne van der Vleugel is associate Professor at UNIVERSITY GUSTAVE EIFFEL, Site of MEAUX (Marne-la-Vallée) since two consecutive mandates for the BUT - GEA (GESTION DES ENTREPRISES ET DES ADMINISTRATIONS). She is lecturing business law, adopting a pragmatic approach and giving concrete examples, to demonstrate and explain that law is, above all, a strategy. She, notably, made up team exercices allowing students to understand advantages and characteristics of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), enterprises difficulties, differences between associate and president/manager of companies, importance of negotiating by-laws and contracts, risks of managing, local and international distribution methods.

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