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Life insurance explained in 10 direct and specific items : book written by Grégory AUDAS.

In his book, Grégory AUDAS explains very clearly, in ten specific items, the good reasons conducting a person to decide to have a life insurance : funds are not definitively blocked, advantages in comparison of a PEL, investments adapted to various generations, adapted to specific agenda, possible investment for any generation, objectives to be defined, various contracts to be thought of, specificities to be thought of, necessity to study inheritance tax, 10 reasons to have 1 life insurance.

This interesting book is pleasant to read, easy to understand, and gives a very clear first understanding of the matter.

Grégory AUDAS ( and Fabienne van der Vleugel are both members of the BNI – BUSINESS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL – located in BAILLY-ROMAINVILLIERS.

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