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Development of mediation in the administrative tribunal of MELUN.

Development of mediation within the administrative courts has been pointed out by the PRESIDENT of the ADMINISTRATIVE TRIBUNAL of MELUN, Ms Sylvie Favier. An interesting and detailed article has been published in Le Moniteur de S&M.

This development had been already described by Ms Sylvie FAVIER, during the 25th UIA world Forum of mediation centers organized by Fbienne van der Vleugel, in her capacity of president of the UIA world Forum of mediation centers, in June 2018, on the territory of Val d'Europe (see events VDV, June 2018 and the article published in the Moniteur S&M, 24-30 June 2018, pp. 4 - 8).


Mediation remains an alternative dispute resolution method that is adapted to multiple conlicts. It requires a voluntary engagement from the parties who are willing to negotiate to fix a suitable and adapted solution, with the help of their lawyers.

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