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26th edition of the UIA world Forum of mediation centers in ZURICH, Switzerland.

The 26th edition of the UIA world Forum of mediation centers organized in Zurich, Switzerland, by Fabienne van der Vleugel, president of the FORUM, together with Birgit Sambeth Glasner, president of the UIA Swiss National Committee, vice president of the Swiss Bar and attorney at law at Altenburger, and Caroline Ming, executive director and general counsel of the Swiss Chamber' Arbitration Institution (SCAI).

This 26th UIA FORUM has been again a great success, and was honored to have the presence of the UIA president, Issouf Baadhio.

Institutional partners were important : the Swiss Chamber of Commercial Mediation, the Swiss Chambers' Arbitration Institution (SCAI), the Swiss Federation of Mediation Associations (SM-FSM), the Swiss Bar Association (SAV-FSA), the Fédération Française des Centres de médiation (FFCM).

The sponsors helped to the success of the UIA FORUM : Altenburger Ltd Legal+Tax law firm, Froriep Legal SA law firm , and Lalive law firm.

Peter Philips, Business Conflict Management LLC, New Jersey (US), has posted two summaries of the event.

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