VDV Conferences & Meetings

LEGAL AUDIT : an essential step

The Law N°2016-1547 dated 18 November 2016 modernizing the Justice of XXIst century, and the Reform Ordonnance dated 10 February 2016 have modified French business law.

French companies spontaneously will spend time on studying the impact of the reform on their negotiated contracts, and organize a legal audit.

The objectives of the “P’tit déj VDV” organized on 26 May 2017, at the law firm VDV AVOCATS, consist in describing the impact of the Reform on the negotiating process of the contracts, the items to keep in mind when preparing the negotiation of the contracts and the organization of the legal audit.

Commercial lease: how to negotiate and execute the clauses?

The first breakfast meeting VDV of 2014 will be dedicated to the commercial lease: how is the commercial lease negotiated? what if the rent is not paid? what are the actions to be triggered by the lessor? what if some works must be done in the premises?

Those are some of the questions that will be discussed during the January 31th VDV breakfast meeting.

The immovable properties.

Is it always useful to constitute an immovable civil company?
What are the advantages/inconvénients?
How can we organize one's immovable properties?
What are the leases to negotiate?

This meeting organize in the law firm is the opportunity to discuss these questions with a tax lawyer invited by VDV AVOCATS.

The choice of one's matrimonial regime.

Private and Professional lives are very much related to each other.

This is also true about the matrimonial regime : the manager shall be duly informed about the characteristics of hte matrimonial regime in order to choose the adequate one.

This meeting organized in the law firm of VDV AVOCATS is the opportunitty to study the main characteristics of the matrimonial regime and the importance of its choice for a company's manager, the impact of this choice notably in case of divorce, enterprise's transfer, incorporation of new companies.

Delegation of competence by the managers. How do we handle this?

The delegation of the competence constitutes a very interesting and efficient manner to organize its company.

This efficiency suppposes that the applicable rules be obeyed and that the adequate formalities be respected.

During this seminar organized in the law firm of VDV AVOCATS, Fabienne van der Vleugel reminds the applicable legal rules.