VDV Conferences & Meetings

By-laws and incorporation of the company : the first steps.

Law is not just a detail.
By-laws, if well negotiated, constitute the skeleton of your company.

Too often, founders of company sign by-laws without being informed about rights and obligations of shareholders and/or managers, importance of capital percentage, impact of matrimonial regime, necessity to negotiate commercial lease, etc.).

Signing by-laws and incorporating a company conducts to the definitive creation of a new individuality, having a personality, and specific rights and obligations. This deserves, without any doubt, some thoughts and a certain time of preparation.

During the “VDV conferences” or “VDV breaks” organized regularly in her law firm, Fabienne van der Vleugel, attorney-at-law since 1996, specialist in company law, takes the time to explain to clients and partners some specific law details that deserve to be known, in order to ease the development of one’s company and avoid tricky situations.

Because all is about preparation and knowledge.
Because… law is supposed to be known.

The next VDV meeting scheduled on 31 March 2017 is dedicated to by-laws.