VDV Conferences & Meetings

Belgium: Participation to the Seminar "Mediation: Are you sure/insured?"

VDV AVOCATS participates to the seminar organized at the Palais des Académies in Brussles, Belgium.

This is the opportunity to compare practices of mediation and its development in France and Belgium.

European Mediation Training for Practitioners of Justice - EMPTJ, Warwick University (UK).

Fabienne van der Vleugel participates to the seminar organized at the WARWICK UNIVERSITY (UK) by the Association for International Arbitration (AIA) and supported by the European Commission.

Following this intensive seminar, Fabienne van der Vleugel has been accredited mediator for civil and commercial european disputes.

Read more: http://emtpj.eu

Training: Conflict and the role of the mediator.

VDV AVOCATS participates to the training organised by the CMAP and taught by M. Gary J. FRIEDMAN, US mediator.

It is useful and interesting to ameliorate the management of conflict resolution by participating to such training.