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The artist SONIA DAUBRY is coming to VDV AVOCATS

This end-year 2019, the art of Sonia Daubry will be exposed and admired at VDV AVOCATS.

Sonia Daubry perfectly reveals feelings through her art.

Art is related to managers and companies.

Indeed. When a company is establishing its registered office, without doubt, it is a “plus” to organize and build a place revealing the values of the company. This creates correct image to clients, providers, employees and managers.

Sonia Daubry is accompanying the companies to do so.

Art is also related to mediation, more than we may think at first sight.

Indeed. Art is creating emotions and bonds between the piece of art, the public and the artist.

Parallelly, mediation, an alternative dispute resolution method, is creating solid bonds and communication. A mediator, appointed by parties, is adequately accompanying the parties in conflict to communicate again, and define themselves on confidential basis, the solution to the conflict.

Art is everywhere.

Art is all.

Sonia Daubry and Fabienne van der Vleugel are both members of the new BNI – BUSINESS NETWORK INTERNATIONAL – located in BAILLY-ROMAINVILLIERS.

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