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26th UIA world FORUM of mediation centers: international practices.

The 26th UIA world FORUM of mediation centers has been a great success: 100 participants coming from 20 various countries, working about mediation practices.
This proves the strong dynamic and the importance of the evolution of mediation around the world.

Mediation remains the adapted tool for solving international conflicts which are, by definition, colored by various cultures.

Beginning 2019, Fabienne van der Vleugel during her interview given to bMediation ( pointed out and reminded the fact that mediation is a tool adapted to international conflicts opposing parties having different cultures. In this regard, and considering the evolution of the mediation practice around the world, she pointed out the fact that the European Code of conduct for mediators shall be called to be adapted to the current practices.

This 26th UIA FORUM organized in Zurich, was the opportunity, again, for the participants, to know about various countries’ practices, situation, evolution.

Mexico was notably represented by Antonio M. Prida Peón del Valle in his capacity of President of the Comité de Mediación del Capítulo Mexicano and of the Cámara Internacional de Comercio, and also by Francisco González de Cossío, in his capacity of President of the Instituto Mexicano de la Mediación.

In this article, Antonio M. Prida Peón del Valle referred to mediation as the most civilized mechanism to solve disputes, to the fact that it is sub-utilized due to the sufficient lack of knowledge from society and the lawyers sector worldwide. He also focused on the concern of mediators and users of mediation with respect to the execution of agreements built by the parties during such kind of procedures, issue that the Singapore Convention addresses particularly well. He concludes the article supporting the idea that Mexico signs such Convention and to use this opportunity to increase awareness of mediation globally.

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