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3rd edition of the meeting in Paris about arbitration,

The 3rd edition of the meeting in Paris about arbitration, the so-called, in French « Les rencontres de l’arbitrage et du contentieux » have been extremely well organized.

The summary published in Option Finance, edition N°1402 of Monday 20 February 2017 summarizes the various sessions (cf. infra, link).


Such meeting gives the opportunity to have an updated view of the development of arbitration in Paris.

Since its incorporation, VDV AVOCATS has also developed arbitration for helping clients with solving (inter)national conflicts.

Conflicts may always arise. Efficient treatment requires adapted solutions. Adapted solutions derive from implementation of structured and well negotiated clauses. Those clauses must be timely negotiated, in details, during the negotiation of the contract. Indeed, this clause is part of the negotiating process itself. Still too often the parties put aside the clause related to the management of conflicts and do not pay sufficient attention to its correct drafting. Sometimes, parties do not even think that this clause is negotiable.

And yet, conflicts exist implicitly in each contract. So, this clause should be negotiated in details.

Some shareholders even sign by-laws with arbitration clauses without being informed of itscharacteristics, and without having studied the other various existing alternatives.

Let’s not forget that what is not negotiated, may not be manageable afterwards. Let’s only sign what is negotiated, agreed upon and understood.

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